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Questions you may be pondering:

What exactly is going on here?

The KIRBC blog has two main purposes:

  1. To act as a place for thoughtful but accessible reviews and literary discussion. Most reviews here are by JK, but you’ll find stuff from guest reviewers from the ranks of KIRBC members past and present. You’ll notice most of the reviews are pretty positive, ’cause that’s how I feel about most books I read. Sometimes it’s a riveting read, and sometimes it’s just a book that really made me think. That’s not to say I’m not critical, or that I’m not choosy about what I read, but I’m very tuned into what I like and I’m pretty easy to please.
  2. To keep participants in the real-life club updated and informed on what’s happened at meetings. We keep a (mostly) up-to-date record of the books that have been recommended here.

Do you review books for publishing houses?

Since you may have noticed this site is rather sleepy as of late, I’m currently not accepting books for review.

Who are you?

Jen Knoch (JK) is the founder and President of the Keepin’ it Real Book Club. She’s also the principal blogger here at the digital digs of the KIRBC, where you’ll find her thoughts on most books she reads and on other book-related adventures. She is also an editor at ECW Press, and, as Liv Spencer, the co-author of five non-fiction pop-culture books for teens. Her most recent books are the bestselling Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition and Navigating the Shadow World: The Unofficial Companion to Cassandra Clare’s The Moral Instruments

Special Guest Star/Co-Conspirator:

Erin Balser is is a freelance writer and editor, currently roaming the halls at CBC as an associate producer for Canada Reads and the CBC Book Club. When she’s not stalking CBC personalities, you can find her Twittering at @booksin140 or writing about Glee somewhere online. Her first book, Don’t Stop Believin’: The Unofficial Guide to Glee was published by ECW Press in September 2010.





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